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Company Profile

OneCall was originally founded in 1972 as P&H Electronics. From its inception, the company was committed to delivering quality products and outstanding customer service. That focus has never changed, but almost everything else has. The growth and evolution of OneCall has been largely driven by the changing needs of our customers and by the rapid pace of communications technology advances. Today OneCall is your one-stop solution for feature rich and cost effective telecommunications products and services.

  • Telephone Systems
    OneCall is a full services communications company that sells, installs, and maintains business telephone systems. OneCall is a partner with Wildix and an authorized distributor for ESI and NEC. This mix of telephone products enables us to meet the varying needs of our very diverse customer base.
  • Managed Data Services & Security
    Need help with any portion of your Data Network? Give us a call, we can help.
  • Telephone Service – Local & Long Distance and Internet
    Local & Long Distance dial tone service and high Speed Internet is a basic need for any customer, but over the last few years basic needs have expanded due to new technologies. OneCall is an Authorized Sales Representative for virtually all of the major carriers across the nation. As such, we can help our customers optimize and manage all network services including high-speed data connections, multi-point connectivity, bundled services, and enhanced local service options.
  • Video Camera Systems
    The quality of camera systems has soared in the last few years. OneCall provides a large selection of cameras from many different manufacturers. Theses manufacturers offer solutions for Inside and Outside Cameras that are Fixed, Varifocal, PTZ, Omni-Directional and Wireless.
  • Overhead & Warehouse Paging
    Paging systems can be linked to your phone system enabling you to reach every employee. In a warehouse or an office suite we can custom design a paging system to fit your needs.

Why OneCall?

  • WE ANSWER WHEN YOU CALL LIVE during business hours.
  • We have SAVED our customers millions of dollars, because we have the expertise to audit and optimize Local, Long Distance Telephone and Internet bills.
  • There is NO ADDITIONAL Charge for business day Add, Move and Change Labor on our Managed Services Plan. This includes responding to all of your Telephone problems at no additional cost.
  • Professional User Training for all customers.
  • Our Customer defines what is an EMERGENCY and requires immediate attention on Service calls.
  • Our Technicians are highly skilled, factory trained.
  • All of our Tech vehicles are equipped with GPS. We know where they are and can get them to you when you really need them.
  • We stock Spare Parts and even Complete Systems so we can handle your service issues, even if your system is completely destroyed.


We have been in business for over 50 years, we are here for the long run, and we want to serve you.


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