ESI Intelitouch™

ESI Intelitouch™ is the unique integration from the phone to the desktop interface that only ESI can provide, because we design and deliver both the desk phone and the phone system. While many providers offer full-featured phones and applications, they’re often complicated to personalize and program; in addition, key presence features are not in sync, leaving a fragmented approach to user availability. No other provider offers this level of integration between the user dashboard and the phone, making the ESI experience unique.

What makes ESI Intelitouch unique?

Purpose Built Phones
Our phones are engineered to work with our Cloud PBX platform, they are not just added on. ESI phones take advantage of every feature offered in our solution and you are never out of sync with software or feature updates.

Not Generic
Our phones are engineered to work with our Cloud PBX platform, not just any generic desk phone. Why is that important? If we engineer all the parts you are guaranteed to experience a seamless level of integration and have the opportunity to take advantage of all of the features on the PBX and the phone.

Deeply Integrated
ESI phones are built for optimal performance with our platform through Intelitouch™. Intelitouch™ provides a level of integration that takes advantage of all the features of the ESI Cloud PBX. Sure you can add any phone to a platform; however you give up full feature functionality based on the work it requires for deep integration.

Real-Time Synching Across Devices
Intelitouch™ ensures real-time synching across all devices used with our phone system. From the desk phone to the mobile device, what you do on one device is reflected across all devices instantly. You place your phone in DND on the web-dashboard it is immediately reflected on your desk phone as well as your mobile device.

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