On Premises Products

Simple. Powerful. On-Premises.

Sophisticated yet simple, ESI’s on-premises solutions give you the flexibility of both digital and IP functionality. All of your vital business communication features are built-in – not just added- on, making for a more intuitive and integrated approach to communications.

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Features to support a growing business

  • Unique message handling
  • Intelligent caller ID and call forwarding
  • ESI – Virtual Answer lets you greet every caller even if you’re on the other line.
  • Extensive voicemail capabilities with advanced features and messaging options

Increase business productivity

  • One-Touch call recording
  • Conveniently route callers to desired locations, plus provide overflow support for live-answer calls.
  • Stay connected with multi-device management
  • Easily add VIP7 for desktop administration or ESI Presence Management to further optimize your business

Flexible architecture

  • Supports both digital- and IP-based communications
  • Easily connect multiple sites with ESI-Link™ enabling you to manage a single system
  • Streamlines data redundancy for constant and automatic backups of all system data (recordings, system programming, voice mail messages and prompts).

Save money on connectivity

  • Implement SIP Trunking and save as much as 50% on connectivity costs.
  • Unlimited long distance and local calling in North America, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Business continuity keeps you connected in case of business impacting events
  • Scale your business connectivity quickly and easily with SIP Trunking.

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