ESI Access Control

Building access control systems can be expensive and beyond the reach of many businesses. Our solution combines the security functions of an access-control system with our award-winning communications systems delivering a unique solution that is advanced and affordable — a fraction of the cost of stand-alone access technology.


RFID at every entrance provides easily programmable settings for security throughout your facilities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Personnel Documentation
Keep track of employees’ work hours and attendance history, saving Human Resources time when administering payroll duties.

Standalone building security systems can’t offer the advantages of a solution that is integrated with your communications platform. Can your access system switch your calls from going straight to voice mail when you enter the building? No? ESI can!

Key Features

Business access and remote entry control
The ESI Presence Management RFID Reader, available in both digital and IP versions, uses ESI Presence Management electronic keys to enter, and their access permissions can be set based on days and times of the work week. In addition, a built in door phone can be used to contact a receptionist for building access. To unlock the door remotely, your designated employee need only press a key on her ESI desk phone or monitor.

Presence Indication
ESI presence management is uniquely integrated with your ESI communications and access tools, you can see in real time when employees are in or out of the office by setting a programmable key on your ESI phone for a colleague’s extension. When that person’s electronic key is used to enter or leave the facilities, the phone key’s tri-color LED will change instantly, making it easy for managers, attendants, or other authorized personnel to know if the person is on site.

Personal Call Routing
Each employee’s ESI phone can be set to automatically forward to voice mail or an alternate number, like a cell phone, based on the person’s arrival and departure from the office.

Optional Time and Attendance Management
Eliminate timecard and time-off reporting errors by adding time and attendance management to your system. The feature even integrates easily with your QuickBooks© or ADP© systems.

Optional Live Monitoring
Add live monitoring to your solution to have your facility watched by security personnel around the clock.

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