IP Server 900


ESI’s IP Server 900 is the high-performance IP phone system that growing small and medium- sized companies (with one or more locations) use to power their communications and productivity. Designed to be expandable, the IP Server 900 combines built-in capabilities with advanced features and highly- differentiated applications to create a solution that is as easy- to- use and manage as it is scalable and flexible.

Benefits of an IP-based communication solution

Ease of use
A system powered by the IP Server 900 is easy to manage and simple to use. Users can easily customize their communications tools without headaches and frustration.

Small and medium-sized companies should have access to the same kind of productivity tools and features that the big enterprise players use. The IP Server 900 levels the playing field by putting robust feature-sets at your fingertips.

Increase business productivity by efficiently processing your calls, accessing direct messaging and utilizing presence management.

Cost savings
A fully- featured IP communications system not only is within your company’s reach but can also provide additional cost savings that you may never have expected. With up to 60% savings compared to a legacy, analog system, your IP Server 900 system can pay for itself in no time.

No need to slow down your business just because you’re not sitting in your office. The IP900 Mobile application for iOS and Android® let you use your smart device as your primary communications device when you’re away from the office.

VIP7 is a feature-rich unified communications application that gives users simple, intuitive access to the tools they need. Users can easily view voice mail messages, calls, and chats, and access colleagues’ availability as well real-time views of call handling and service metrics.

Key Features

One-Touch Help
Perhaps our users’ best-loved feature, the help key on your desk phone provides you with one-touch access to information from the ESI Knowledge Base.

IP900 Mobile™
Extend your system’s SIP/VoIP calling functionality to your mobile device. Use Wi-Fi and mobile data instead of cellular minutes. Includes call management, contacts, click-to-dial and voicemail notification.

Intelligent Caller ID
Not only can you see at a glance who’s calling, but ESI’s patented technology even stores caller information with each voice message for one-touch call return at any time.

Intelligent Call Forwarding
Intelligent Call Forwarding allows you to forward an outside call directly with the caller’s Caller ID information, instead of yours, so the person receiving the message can easily tell who made the call.

Automated Attendant
Offers six levels and 100 branches, so you can set up auto-answering that routes calls to just the right destinations. Overflow support for live answering means you can ensure that every call is answered.

On-Hold Messages
Provide informative facts or timely promotional messaging to your callers while they wait on hold.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
The ACD call management feature streamlines incoming call handling, routing callers to the right person in the right department every time.

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