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Service Agreements from OneCall Telecom


With a service agreement from OneCall Telecom, your telephone equipment stays in top notch shape because you won’t hesitate to call us for little problems which can add up to big expensive problems if they go uncorrected.


The more problems you have, the more they can charge you to fix and the more money they make. It’s in their best interest to make sure you keep having problems over and over!


The less problems you have the more money we make because we charge a fixed fee no matter how many problems you have. It’s in our best interest to fix problems right, the first time!
Service Agreements from OneCall Telecom
Service Agreement - What's included
  • Priority dispatch on all service calls
  • Discounted move, add and change labor Rates
  • Guarantee of “Inventory On Hand”
  • “Software Only” upgrades
  • Annual preventative maintenance visit
  • Waiver of charges for “No Trouble Found” and carrier calls
  • Remote support during normal business hours
  • Backup and archiving of system database where applicable
  • Unlimited training
  • Local and long distance audits and recommendations upon request
  • Free consulting on telecom, camera and cabling matters
  • Unlimited add, move and change business day labor (The only exclusion is cabling and re-locating the entire system.)

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