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How to improve cell reception at your business

Whether your employees are using their mobile phones for personal or business communications — or both — it's essential to have reliable cell reception at your place of work. Provider coverage maps may show strong signals in your area, but that's no guarantee of...

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Guide for Choosing the Right Data Cabling

If your business is new, relocating, or upgrading its network, it's important to make sure you install the right network cabling. Running the wrong voice/network cabling for your business can end up being very costly. It can reduce efficiency and productivity as well...

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Benefits of Cloud-Based Hosted Data Services

Minimizing overhead is one of today's biggest challenges in running a business. Fortunately, the creation of the Internet has brought us cloud-based data services that can dramatically reduce your costs. Before the cloud, your business would have to spend time and...

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Auto Attendant Best Practices

The possibility of an auto attendant or virtual receptionist eliminating the need to pay an employee to handle incoming calls at your business may be an appealing notion. It may be a big money-saving and time-saving tool. What is an opportunity for your business to be...

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Q&A for Purchasing a Business Phone System

In spite of the increased use of email, mobile phones, and text-based communication, most businesses today cannot operate effectively without a fully functioning phone system. It's a necessity for sales, customer service, working with partners and vendors, speaking...

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Emergency Internet Replacement

Whatever wired Internet Service Provider (ISP) you choose for your business, none can guarantee availability 100% of the time. Every ISP has experienced periods when its service is down. Unfortunately, this interferes with your ability to run many aspects of your...

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Safe Data Backup and File Sharing

When your business isn’t running, it isn’t making any money. That’s why it’s critical to make sure you have processes in place that help maintain business continuity. These processes include secure data backup and safe file sharing. If your only data backup...

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Strong Passwords: Still a Major Element in Security

In the early days of computing, passwords amounted to the use of some personal number, name or word that was easy for the user to remember. These included birthdays, favorite colors, and the name of a spouse, pet or a child. Now, most everyone knows that simple...

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Dangers of Free Wi-Fi

On first glance, it appears the free Wi-Fi available in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and even shopping malls is a boon to you and your employees. It gives you all the opportunity to access your network and be more productive from anywhere. Unfortunately, this...

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Don’t Get Hit by Ransomware

Like other businesses, you have probably implemented software, a firewall and other security systems to protect your business data from being hacked and stolen. Theft, however, is not the only threat to business data these days. Now there's ransomware. Ransomware is...

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Importance of Buying Quality Network Cabling

One of the most critical elements of running a business today is having high-speed Internet service. It helps your employees be productive, it helps you manage your business, and it's an effective way to communicate with your customers, vendors, and other important...

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