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When your business isn’t running, it isn’t making any money. That’s why it’s critical to make sure you have processes in place that help maintain business continuity. These processes include secure data backup and safe file sharing.


If your only data backup is on site or on paper, a flood or fire could put you out of business fast. Insecure file sharing exposes your business to potential hacking, theft, costly ransomware, and much more.

For business continuity, you want to keep your files out of the hands of outsiders, and you want to be able to restore your business operations fast in case of a ransomware attack, a fire, or any other disaster. Here are some suggestions on how you can do that.

Back Up All Critical Business Data Safely Off-site

All the files your business creates and modifies should be backed up off-site — safe from local disasters, including theft and fire. This includes every piece of data — from your financial records, to your customer information, to the emails sent by everyone in your company.


There are many cloud-based backup services available today. It’s important to evaluate the cost, the ease of data restoration and the security offered by these vendors before choosing the one that’s right for you. One trusted application in this sector is SecuriSync by Intermedia.

Here are the advantages of their backup and file-sharing solutions:

  1. Continuous, secure data backup. Their approach to backup is real-time, continuous backup. It captures every piece of data as it is being changed and allows all your lost data to be restored to its most recent version.

    In a ransomware attack, your business can ignore the ransom demand, wipe your computers and restore them all to the condition they were in immediately before the attack took place. This can put you back in business in a matter of minutes instead of being out of operation for days. SecuriSync also maintains a set amount of earlier versions as well so data can be restored back to any point.
  2. File sync and mobile access. A SecuriSync backup not only protects files and folders on your desktop but also captures those in My Documents, music, video, downloads, and other document folders. It automatically backs up photos and videos from iOS and Android devices. Unlike other online backup services, once files are backed up, they’re available from any device: Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and on the Web.
  3. Flexible options for sharing and collaboration. Attaching files in emails opens
    them to hacking and other malicious use. SecuriSync removes this danger by letting you share files through its secure Web links system. Your large files can be delivered through any email system and reduce mailbox size. You can also password protect links or stop sharing them at any time.

    Folders are easily and securely shared with co-workers, so multiple people can access and edit the same set of content. Folder sharing saves time by not requiring you to search for the latest version of docs or consolidate multiple revisions. Just like with the backup system, previous versions are stored and you can roll back to earlier edits with just one click.

    If you have business partners, vendors, or other external parties that need to access or edit content on an ongoing basis, you can invite them to safely collaborate on, add, edit, and manage content in shared folders just like internal personnel.
  4. Best practices in security. Every document passing through the SecuriSync system is fully encrypted, protecting it from unauthorized eyes.


Taking this safe backup and file sharing approach brings you operational benefits as well. You can:

  • Work from anywhere with access to up-to-date files
  • Collaborate effortlessly with co-workers, business partners and customers
  • Reduce downtime from lost devices, failed hardware, and ransomware attacks
  • Integrate these abilities into any system you are currently using, including Exchange Email, Active Directory, Outlook, Office, and Office 365


Feel free to reach out to your Ideacom member telecom vendor to find out how they can help you maintain your business continuity.

No business can afford to be down, so implementing a sound backup and file sharing process is the smart way to keep your business in business.